Manassas Child Custody And Visitation Attorneys

You never stop being a parent to your kids — even if you get divorced or relocation takes them out of the area. Each family’s needs are unique and dictated by various personal factors. Perhaps you have a work schedule that makes a traditional visitation schedule impracticable, or maybe because of the age of your children, you want to establish a schedule that focuses more on frequency than duration. Or, perhaps you seek to share physical custody and are looking for a shared custody arrangement that works for the entire family. Conversely, you might be concerned about the safety of your children when in the other parent’s care due to substance abuse or anger issues. An experienced child custody lawyer can help you come up with a plan tailored specifically to the needs of your family.

Manassas Child Custody Lawyer For Prince William County And Fauquier County

At the law offices of Maureen A. Kersey, we seek to protect your parental rights and find a plan that works for your specific situation. Whether you wish to establish sole custody or develop a shared custody arrangement, we will give you straightforward advice about your rights, options and potential outcomes, so you can set realistic and achievable goals.

Finding A Custody And Visitation Arrangement That Works for You

With more than a decade of legal experience, our Manassas child custody and visitation lawyersunderstand the wide array of emotional and logistical issues facing parents involved in custody and visitation disputes. From division of custodial time and fair holiday schedules, to academic and health care decision-making concerns, we will help you sort out your options for legal and physical custody:

  • Legal custody: Generally, Virginia courts typically award shared legal custody, giving both parents joint decision-making power when it comes to major decisions affecting the health and welfare of the children.
  • Physical custody: Your physical custody plan will determine which parent obtains residential custody. There are several options, including shared custody and more complex parenting time arrangements. We can tailor a plan to meet your needs.

Even if the court restricts you to supervised time with your children due to substance abuse or anger issues, you still have a right to see your kids and build a relationship with them. You do not have to ‘win’ physical custody to be a loving and involved parent to your children. Our firm can help you protect your rights, so you can be there for your kids.

Modification Of Custody

We can also help you modify your existing custody agreement after a divorce to address issues such as relocation or the changing developmental needs and preferences of your children. We understand that life circumstances can change over time. Whether you wish to prevent your former spouse from taking your children out of state or you seek to establish a workable plan to accommodate your new routine, we work with you to develop a plan that continues to protect your parent-child relationship.

Protect Your Parental Rights By Hiring An Attorney You Can Trust

When it comes to your relationship with your kids, do not leave anything to chance. We help families across northern Virginia establish child custody and visitation plans that work for everyone. Contact us online or call us at 703-791-1892 today to schedule a consultation.