Making Sure Support And Visitation Orders Are Enforced

When the court hands down a spousal support or child support decree following a divorce or paternity matter in Virginia, judges expect the parties to uphold every provision. Failure to meet the monthly financial obligation or refusing to allow child visitation rights according to the decree may result in a civil or criminal charge of contempt of court.

Spousal Support And Child Support Enforcement

If you are not receiving the monthly support payment you have been awarded, or your ex-spouse fails to meet the terms of carrying health insurance or other needs spelled out in the court order, you may pursue enforcement through the courts. Contact law firm of Maureen A. Kersey, in Manassas, to discuss your circumstances. In many cases, the obligor (paying spouse) will come to terms with the court order through a negotiated settlement, without the need for costly court enforcement. If court becomes necessary, Ms. Kersey is a powerful advocate on behalf of our clients.

Lawyer For Enforcing Noncustodial Parent Visitation Rights

Under Virginia law, child visitation rights awarded to the noncustodial parent is a separate matter from child support and alimony. Even if falling behind on child support or spousal support payments, the custodial parent has no right to refuse to follow the parenting schedule awarded by the courts. If you need to seek an enforcement action to pursue your parenting rights, talk to enforcement of orders attorney Maureen Kersey right away.

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