Dividing Business Assets And Self-Employment Earnings

Divorcing couples who own businesses face complex challenges when resolving issues concerning marital property in Virginia. There may be partnership issues to resolve according to signed agreements. There is often business debt tied to the couples personal liability. In many cases, self-employment earnings fluctuate for determining income for spousal support and child support.

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If you own a family business or are self-employed in Virginia and are facing divorce, schedule a consultation with attorney Maureen A. Kersey in Manassas. Backed by years of experience guiding clients through high-asset divorces in Prince William County and Fauquier County, our firm has earned a reputation for our professional capacity to resolve the most complex property division matters.

“Dividing self-employment earnings isn’t just about reported income. There may be deferred income and hidden assets that must be included in the calculations for marital property valuation and equitable distribution.” Attorney Maureen Kersey

When necessary, we work with a network of independent experts and specialists, as we work toward resolving issues such as:

  • Discovery of self-employment income, uncovering hidden earnings
  • Business valuation and equitable property distribution
  • Marital liens against the future equity of the business when sold
  • Resolving business partnership agreements
  • Resolving disputed business succession plans that may be in place
  • “Blue sky” value of a professional license
  • Deferred compensation, bonuses and retirement accounts

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