Manassas Property Settlement Agreements/Marital Agreements Lawyers

When it comes to the division of property in your divorce, there is a lot more to consider than meets the eye. In addition to your current bank accounts and jointly held property, you have to consider the future you planned with your spouse. Retirement accounts are some of your most important assets and some of the most complex to divide.

Experienced Manassas Property Settlement Agreement Attorney

At the law offices of Maureen A. Kersey, we can help you draft an agreement that protects your financial future. From the allocation of marital debt to the division of retirement benefits, we will give you honest answers about your rights and options, so you can set achievable goals.

Divorce lawyer Maureen Kersey is ready to guide you through these important property matters:

  • Retirement benefits
  • Business ownership and self-employment earnings
  • Spousal support, alimony

Complete Asset Division

Many issues arise when you must determine which assets are considered individual assets and which are considered marital property. Furthermore, some assets can be classified as hybrids between individual and marital assets, such as retirement accounts that existed before marriage. We answer your questions about complex asset division and help you form concrete, fair plans for dividing retirement benefits, real estate and personal belongings.

Hire An Attorney You Can Trust

With so many factors to consider as you plan for your future, make sure you protect your financial rights and structure an agreement that works for you. From our offices in Manassas, we help people throughout northern Virginia. Contact our firm online or call us at 703-791-1892 to schedule an in-depth consultation.