Figuring Out The Spousal Support Equation

Virginia has specific laws governing how spousal support is determined and whether it should be awarded as open-ended or on a temporary basis.

The decision to award spousal support, or alimony, is impacted most directly by the disparity in the parties’ gross annual incomes. It can be set indefinitely or for a specific length of time, depending on the duration of the marriage as well as other factors set forth in the statute. The award of spousal support is a discretionary award, based on the various factors set forth in the statute, and it is therefore critical that an experienced attorney present the evidence as it related to those factors in the light most favorable to your goals.

Years Of Experience Getting The Award Calculation Handled Correctly

If alimony will be an important issue in your pending divorce, make sure you have an attorney who understands the factors that go into the court award. In many cases, division of property, income of the spouses, self-employment income and opportunities for future earning potential are all part of the equation.

Call law firm of Maureen A. Kersey, Manassas, to schedule a time to meet with spousal support attorney Maureen Kersey. As a Virginia divorce lawyer with many years of experience, Ms. Kersey understands that spousal maintenance can become one of the most frustrating and divisive issues if not handled correctly and professionally. She can help you understand what to expect regarding your right to receive or obligation to provide spousal support.

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