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Whether or not you initiated the legal action, it is easy to feel “run over” by the legal process. Though you may initially feel overwhelmed and/or misunderstood, hiring an experienced attorney who can guide you through the complex process — with both skill and compassion — can help you gain the confidence you need to navigate successfully and retain control of your future.

At the law offices of Maureen A. Kersey, we help our clients take ownership of their cases because we understand that it is their futures on the line. Defining your goals realistically, evaluating the range of possible outcomes and making informed cost-benefit trade offs are all critical elements to achieving a successful outcome, whether you are preparing for litigation or negotiating a settlement agreement. By helping you through this difficult process, our legal team seeks to protect your rights and pursue your interests every step of the way until your case is resolved.

Our Family Law Practice

As a skilled and experienced Virginia family law attorneys, we can help you set realistic goals uniquely tailored to your family’s needs. Whether you are seeking financial stability, a more liberal visitation/custodial schedule, an improved relationship with your co-parenting partner or emotional closure, we can help you define these goals and develop a strategy to achieve them, as cost-efficiently and quickly as realistically possible.

Through mediation, negotiation or litigation, we have the resources to handle a wide range of family law concerns, including:

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