Warrenton Juvenile Defense Lawyers

Prince William County and Fauquier County Attorneys Defending Against Underage Drinking Charges

When minors are charged with a crime, conviction impacts not only their immediate circumstances, but also their futures. However, there are alternative sentencing options available and measures you can take to protect their long-term goals. To take advantage of these opportunities, you want an experienced juvenile criminal defense attorney on your side.

The juvenile courts often handle the same charges differently when it involves a minor than when it involves an adult in general district courts.

Protecting Minors Across Virginia

The juvenile courts handle every charge differently from the general district criminal courts. While many people believe that the juvenile courts are more lenient, they often deal harsher penalties in hopes of correcting the behavior of the accused. To protect your child’s rights, you want an experienced local attorney who understands how this unique system works.

Our firm has the experience and resources to help clients obtain the best possible results, whether we can negotiate a settlement out of court or protect their rights at trial. We handle a number of juvenile crimes, including:

  • Juvenile drug crimes
  • Juvenile assault and battery
  • Juvenile property crimes
  • Juvenile driving infractions
  • Underage drinking and DUI

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Before you make any decisions about your child’s future, make sure you talk to an experienced juvenile criminal defense lawyer and fully explore your rights and options. From our offices in Manassas, we will give you straight and honest answers, so you can make a well-informed decision about how to proceed. Contact us online or call us at 703-791-1892 today to schedule a consultation.