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Unlike the traditional approach to divorce in which both parties hire attorneys to represent their interests, mediation gives individuals the opportunity to negotiate the terms of their marital agreement or custody dispute out of court, with the assistance of a neutral facilitator rather than an advocate.

Mediation can be a viable approach to reaching a divorce settlement because it neutralizes the “sting” of the adversarial process by working in a more collaborative framework to achieve both parties’ goals. However, it is not right for every case, and the decision to utilize mediation should be made only after careful consideration of the dynamics involved in your particular case.

In order for mediation to be successful, both parties must be committed to moving forward, must approach the process with a constructive mindset and must be willing to share information freely to achieve a balance of power and create a positive negotiating environment conducive to settling the dispute. It is critical to find a mediator that both parties are comfortable with to skillfully guide the mediation process with honesty and objectivity.

At the law offices of Maureen A. Kersey, we provide mediation services geared toward establishing amicable settlements regarding property division, child custody/visitation, support, and other issues.

Putting Aside Your Differences and Setting Realistic Goals

There are numerous benefits to pursuing mediation in lieu of an exhaustive court battle to settle your divorce. When you enter the litigation process, a judge makes the final decisions, or an agreement is achieved through negotiation between the attorneys and the parties. One of the obvious benefits to mediation is an ability to maintain more control through ownership of the process. It can be a less expensive option and accomplished in a timelier manner, depending on the circumstances of your situation. By taking a direct, hands-on approach, you can achieve a settlement tailored to your needs and one that addresses your specific concerns regarding:

  • Property settlement, including real estate, marital debt, personal property, bank and stock accounts, vehicles, time shares, etc.
  • Equitable division of complex assets, such as retirement accounts
  • Child custody/custodial time-sharing arrangements
  • Child support and/or spousal support

Dedicated to fostering a “win-win” resolution, a skilled mediator can help you and your spouse put your emotions aside, find common ground, drive equitable solutions and achieve your long-term mutual goals.

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